Terrorist use Social Media, Email, Facebook, Twitter in Osama Virus

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Osama Virus

Osama Virus

It’s not breaking news that Al Qaeda is using social media management to communicate and influence it’s followers. Officials are now warning that terrorists and criminals are stealing personal information using the death of Osama bin Laden.

With many version of the Osama Virus appearing including on Facebook be careful of unsolicited emails that include attachments like videos and photos involving the worlds most infamous terrorist.  The US Government has decided not to release the photos of the dead terrorist citing safety of the troops and as far as I can tell their have been no leaks of the actual photos.

The content in these malicious emails could include cyber attacks from shutting down your computer to stealing things stored on a computer, like Social Security numbers, credit card and bank numbers, and usernames and passwords.

Don’t become a victim of these terrorist Cyber Attacks.  Fraudulent messages often include misspellings, poor grammar and nonstandard English. Use virus protection software that updates daily and say never to agree to download software to view videos.


Social Media Management by Bruce Porter jr the Social Networks Manager


Social Media Management by Bruce Porter jr the Social Networks Manager

Bruce Porter Jr the Social Networks Manager

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